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You are Always on My Mind – Gifts That Say – I Love You

You are Always on My Mind – Gifts That Say – I Love You

By: John Smith | Nov 28, 2008 | 778 words | 253 views
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Romantic gifts are so difficult to choose. If you are buying for your partner, chances are you already know what kind of Romantic gifts she or he would appreciate, so it shouldn't be too hard. But you don't want to fall into a pattern of buying flowers, chocolates or perfume year in year out. We all like a little originality in the romantic gifts we receive and the more unusual the present, the more it will express your love and the amount of thought you have put into its selection. However, it is not that easy to buy something romantic and appropriate for a new girlfriend or boyfriend. You don't want to be too soppy for fear of appearing needy, and you do not want to get it wrong for fear of being shown the door. However, you do want it to say 'I love you'. Here are a few wonderful and original ideas to suit all tastes, bank balances, age groups and types of loving relationship.

For the traditional true romantic, how about giving a beautiful sterling silver Key to My Heart Necklace with felt bag, along with a Personalised Heart Trinket Box to keep it safe? You can have your emotions expressed and engraved on the box to remind her of your love forever. For you environmentally-aware love birds you need look no further than a tree. Yes, do the right thing and dedicate a tree to your loved one and help reduce those nasty carbon emissions at the same time. The Tree Appeal will do the planting, and you will receive a certificate and pen with details of the way the appeal works. Or, for those of you who are real old fashioned romantics who love to gaze at the stars together on those warm summer nights, the perfect and unique gift is a Name a Star Gift Box. You choose the name and it is then registered with the Intergalactic Star Base for all eternity. You can both hunt for it together as you lie in the back garden at midnight, desperately fighting off the mosquitoes! Alternatively, you could combine this gift with a Wine Tasting at a Vineyard for Two – Gift Pack touring around a British vineyard, with buffet lunch and bottle of wine to take home. You can pull the cork and search for your star together later.

If you are trying to impress that new special friend, you need to keep it simple but memorable. Champagne always goes down well as the ultimate tipple, so a personalised bottle is even more impressive, and with a bit of luck you may get to sample some too. If you are looking for a quirky and humorous yet cute and lovely gift, the Lover Duck is a pink glowing bath toy which lights up in multi-coloured LED when placed in water. Great for that romantic bath for two, if you are invited that is, so you had better order a heart shaped box of Daisy Bath Flowers as well and scatter them on the water before climbing in. And don't forget to put the bubbly on ice.

The more unusual the gift, the more impressed your loved one is going to be. Does she love to dance? Has he got two left feet but wants to improve his moves? A Strictly Ballroom Dancing for Two gifts offers you both an hour long class at beginner level. Even if you don't instantly turn into Fred and Ginger, you will have great fun, feel fit, and have such a laugh together. If dancing cheek to cheek is not your style, how about lunch? Where is the most romantic city in Europe, that just so happens to serve some of the most fabulous food? The ultimate romantic gesture has to be Lunch in Paris for Two. This one day trip starts with the Eurostar from London, followed by a romantic lunch cruise on the Seine, taking in some of the most famous landmarks in the world, followed by some chic retail therapy or more sightseeing. Who could possibly say no to this delightful treat? And you get to go too! Don't forget your passport.

If you have an overworked and frazzled partner, maybe a bit of pampering is in order. It will benefit not just the recipient but the giver as well, as your partner will subsequently become a calmer, gentler, more loving and attentive person, especially towards you. So a Balinese Indulgence Experience is exactly what is called for when it comes to Romantic gifts. It includes ancient body treatments used on the Balinese royal family, giving a feeling of revitalisation, so that you are refreshed and ready to go.

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You are Always on My Mind – Gifts That Say – I Love You

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