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The Debut of La Roux

The Debut of La Roux

By: Patrick Daniels | Jul 13, 2009 | 286 words | 261 views
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The latest band to enter into the pop scene is La Roux, pronounced La Roo.  They are a synth duo band that is made up of an eccentric women with a dramatic flare, Elly Jackson and a man that up until late he was content with playing a background role, Ben Langmaid.  Many of the album track are written by Jackson about her 5 year on again off again relationship, and together they attribute much of their musical influence to 80's pop band like Human League, Blancmange, Yazoo and Heaven 17.

The very first album release is a self entitled album that has all the sounds of an 80's synth pop band and some of the 80's look as well.  No matter what the look their sound is still extremely impressive.

Although it is always a risk when purchasing an album from a new band, this album is definitely worth every penny.  It appears that the times are changing and we are moving towards a return of the 80's, therefore this will definitely not be the last we hear from this duo.  

Two of my favorite tracks, on the album are Quicksand and Bullet Proof.  I do wish, however that Langmaid would make himself more noticeable, as it seems like there is a single performer in the group.  Since Langmaid has given a large contribution to the musical work it would be good to see him step out from the background and take his much deserved spotlight.

With Elly's eccentric looks and voice that can go the distance, this incredible due may have just release the first of many hit albums.  I strongly suggest you you log onto a website right now and purchase your copy of their new CD!

Author Description :

La Roux is a new group that is going to be taking the music industry by storm. They have an 80's look and sound, with a duo of fantastic and talented musicians. You can log onto and purchase your copy of the their self entitled La Roux CD. This is sure to be only the first, in a long line of albums to come!

The Debut of La Roux

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