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From Skinny to Muscles to Ripped

From Skinny to Muscles to Ripped

By: James Mclain | Jul 18, 2009 | 401 words | 525 views
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One of the biggest turning points on my skinny to muscles journey was the realization of just how much my diet effected my muscle growth. I had put all my effort into weight lifting and working out with a feverish intensity and got nowhere until I understood the fact that my body was SCREAMING for more calories.

More calories mean more energy means more muscle repair means more muscle growth.

Without eating the right amount of food and the right types of foods I was doomed to be stuck in a cycle of muscular punishment till I killed myself or gave up on the whole idea altogether. There was one catch though ... I knew I had to eat a lot but I had an irrational fear of getting fat!

I had never been fat before, I defined myself as a skinny guy and wanted to redefine it as a muscular guy but I always imaged rock hard muscles with that cut look of hardly any fat that the bodybuilders had. Luckily I got a reality check that said you will NEVER get stronger if you don't start eating more, if you put on some fat in the process that is the price you must pay for the success of bigger muscles. A hard truth but once I had to learn and boy did it pay off!

Within weeks I started to notice definite improvements and I just felt better as well and yes ... I put on a bit of fat too but was so excited by the change in musculature I didn't care because months later I had reached a desired goal and then went on a different diet to cut down on the fat and BAM ... I had the look I wanted.

Fear held me back, a fear of something trivial. Don't let fear hold you back from skinny to muscles success either!

The secret behind this knowledge was not something I made up though. I found my 'muscle mentor' Vince Delmonte and his online body building guide that gave me step-by-step instructions and understanding. I found exactly what NOT to do to go from skinny to muscles and instead what I should be doing.

The question is do YOU have the knowledge that will give you the power to overcome your fears and get you the ripped body you deserve? If you want this power then click below and find out more.

Skinny to Muscles

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From Skinny to Muscles to Ripped

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